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If The Saddle Fits

The Equestrian Niche On LJ
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IfTheSaddleFits is a community created for each and every horse owner, lover, enthusiast, etc. on LJ!

Here on ITSF, we welcome anything horse related such as:
-Real Horses
-Model Horses
-Horse Training techniques
-Horse showing
-4-H,Pony Club, Any Horse Association
-Horse Items (tack, best prices, stores)
-ANYTHING Horse Related!!

What's not accepted:
-Anything over PG-13 (children can join this community too)
-Completely un-horse related topics (if you want to write about how
you and your friends got drunk at a party, make your own community)
-Rude, profound, or otherwise any uncourteous guests
-You get the idea

We also welcome and encourage photos, stories, poems, drawings, other forms
of art or expression! (However, if the subject takes up a lot of space, please
place under a LJ cut Thanks!)

-For now, anyone is allowed to join!
-Even if you dont own a horse, or arent connected with horses in any way, if
you share an interest or liking of horses, then you are welcome here to learn
more, or just enjoy yourself!
-For now, only members can post, so add us to your community list!

-We may possibly hold some contests, but that is more in the future for now.

I will be adding more to this later, but one way you could help the community,
is to get the word out about it! We are always open and wanting more members!
Overall, have fun and enjoy yourselves!!!!

-Your Moderator, WhiteEars